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The Secret to Good Website Translation e-book


Here at SIJIHIVE, we’re excited to announce our second portfolio title, "The Secret to Good Website Translation," following our first Japanese e-book about Chinese content marketing.

This portfolio was written (in Japanese first), translated, edited, and designed by our team based on English language resources.

You can download it for free below.

The Secret to Good Website Translation e
ダウンロード: • 8.32MB


A “translation” is often considered as simply information that has been changed from one language to another, something that can be done by anyone who knows the two languages. However, some types of translation - especially translating a website - require a great deal more!

As marketing translation professionals, we tackle these never-ending challenges every day. This e-book elaborates the differences and difficulties of website translation, including a fun mini-test.

Click here to download the e-book!

Our team at SIJIHIVE consists of experienced translators, writers, and designers fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Please feel free to contact us for translation and content production services.



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